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Hilda Wright is an up and coming, well regarded Qualified Solicitor, providing Legal Advisory Services and client consultation. Established as a Qualified Freelance Solicitor, she strives to take the expense out of legal advice and representation, making high quality advice more widely available for all.

Possessing experience in several legal areas including but not limited to, Planning, Contracts, Property, Uncontentious dispute advice, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trust Law, Family and Child Care Law.

As well as legal experience she has created, operated and sold several businesses thus having the added working knowledge of Business, Commercial and Employment law.

Renowned for approaching client matters with compassion and empathy. Clients are more than just ‘work’ they are her purpose and commitment.

Practice Areas

We can assist you with various legal matters including the following


Many clients simply require Contract, Deeds, Agreements and Documents to be compiled, checked over or drafted on their behalf. This is an additional service we offer for any client whether we've assisted you in that area of law or not, we will happily review any documents for you.

Employment Law

Employment law is an area of legal practice that relates to everything that we do in the world of work. It spans a vast array of topics from employees and their rights, an employer’s rights, duties and obligations and much more. The balance between employee and employer in both small family-run companies and multinational corporates is vital. This is the fundamental principle underpinning employment law.​

Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Assigning your assets and belongings is imperative as you get older. Will drafting can be fairly straight forward and ensures that your assets go to whom you’d like then to go to. Lasting Powers of Attorney center on assigning responsibilities to people in your life time to look after your assets for you when you can’t. ​

Family Law

Family Law focuses on finding solutions to issues relating to often complex legal relationships. These include marriage and parenthood among others. For this reason, family law practice can involve work with varying groups from children to the elderly and any others in between. Because family law relates to some very personal aspects of a client’s life, it can be one of the most emotive areas of law to practice.

Personal Injury and Dispute Resolution

This area of law can be very costly if settled in court. Disputes between parties should focus on settlement and resolution and claims of personal Injury can be made without resorting to making a claim in court at all.


Property law governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property and personal property. It also provides the principles and rules by which disputes over property are to be resolved. The value of land has always been relatively high and for that reason, the market for buying, selling and leasing property is unlikely to slow.

Environment and Planning

Environmental law can cover anything from health and safety, dumping of waste, recycling, environmental disasters, climate change and alternative energy sources.

Working to deliver results

We work closely with clients, listening to their needs as we navigate the legal
pathway to achieve what’s best for you.


Hilda was approachable and listened to my needs. She kept me informed and updated throughout my matter.
Nana Oetang
Business Owner
Hilda kept me realistic about my options and reassured me throughout. Highly recommend.
Peter Ikram

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